A nice custom closet will make any room look better. Any master bedroom with custom walk in closets will also help the resale value of a home. Right now, in the bad economy, it just might be the difference between a sale and no sale.

So, do you have to spend a lot to get that great looking custom closet? Are there any custom colset ideas you can do on your own?

If you look in the phone book or online there are lots of companies who will come to your home and install custom closets. Sites such as Easy Closets, California Closets, Closets by Design, Closet World, and many others come to mind. The one thing these companies all have in common is the price range of having them make your custom closet design ideas. That price range is "expensive".

If you have any woodworking ability you can make your own closets. There are tons of pictures in books and on the Internet with detailed views of many different walk in closets and cool closets. If you look at enough pictures you will surely be able to come up with the things that you want in your own closet design ideas. Now all you have to do is find a way to have it made for a cheaper price.

You do not have to be tied to a traditional closet when you are coming up with your own ideas. Some people go as far as having a flat screen TV on the wall in their closet with chairs and a desk and some have been known to even make their walk-in closet a secret room. Whatever you decide to do you can probably improvise and have it done cheaper yourself. Ask around and you will be able to find someone who will build you that dream walk-in custom closet.


You have all seen the ads for expensive closet organizers and closet systems such as California Closets or Easy Closets. It is great if you have the money to install these in your closets but most people don't and are looking for more economical and creative closet space ideas.

Closet organization does not mean that you have to spend a lot of money installing new closet organizers. You can do most of what you want in an economical fashion with some creativity. It may not in the end look as professional as the other way, but your pocket book will thank you.

Baskets and bins are what most people use to store and organize the smaller things in your closets. You can get these bins inexpensively and you can find ones that stack on top of each other for maximum use of space. You can get the standard plastic bins or you can find fancier baskets with flair if you like.

One way to have more closet space is to take out some of your sweaters and shirts and put them in a chest of drawers. Not everything needs to be hung to look nice and if you fold things like this nicely, you will end up creating a lot of extra closet space that you never knew you had. Another option is to actually put a chest of drawers or dresser in your closet.

Adding shelves to your closet design is a great way to get more space. Most closets come with only one shelf above the rod for hanging things. You can add more shelves on the sides if you have room or under the rod if you don't have much to hang. Adding shelves into your closet is one of those creative closet ideas that is obvious but not many people think to do it. You can get inexpensive shelves at any home improvement store that are easy to install in any closet. Closet shelving is one of the best ways to add space to your closets.

Another closet space saving ideas is to take a picture of one of the expensive systems and try to do it or make it yourself. If you are a handyman type person who likes to build things, there is no reason why you can't copy the design of one of those fancy systems and build it yourself. This might be too hard for everyone to do but some will be able to do a good job.


Are you thinking about the lighting in your closet? If you have a big walk-in closet then you definitely need good lighting. And if you have one of those really big walk in closets with maybe an island or a chest of drawers or something similar, you need to find some neat closet lighting ideas.

Track lighting is always cool looking and you might be able to put it in your large walk in colset. You can find some good deals on track lighting at Ikea and other places and if you set it up properly, your closet will be stunning.

Florescent lights are most often used in closets because they are cool (not hot). Electrical codes have distance requirements for all light sources (except LEDs that also run very cool). Closets usually have a lot of things in them with low ventilation that could easily catch on fire from an incandescent or halogen bulb. Luckily, we are talking about a large walk in closet so you will be able to use something other than florescent lights or the usual ugly light that all closets seem to come with. Just make sure you don't have any of your clothes near the lighting.

If your walk in closet is on a side of the house, you could break through the wall and put a window in it. A walk in closet with a window is definitely a step up from most closets and that would provide some nice natural lighting during the day.

Whatever you decide to do with your walk in closet lighting, make sure you are creative to give your closet that out of the ordinary touch.


Do you have smelly closets that stink? Maybe they smell like foot odor from your shoes or even something worse. Do you clean out your closets in the spring and winter? Maybe you have a lot of clothes piled on the closet floor and somewhere in that pile is something that smells bad. Perhaps you have piles of dirty clothes on the floor of your closets?

Maybe you have some old clothes in there that have mildew or some other mold like substance that is growing on them. Is there a dead bug or bugs somewhere in your closet. Maybe you have termites or something else alive in your closet!

Your first step with closets that smell should be to clear everything out and evaluate the situation. You might have the best closet design ideas in the world or the best colset ideas for a great closet but if your closets smell, everything is lost. Once you clear out your closet, you need to figure out whether the odor is coming from something that was in your closet or the closet itself.

You need to separate your clothes and wash them if you are unsure where the closet smell is coming from. Depending on how bad the closet odor is, you might even have to wait a day after everything is out of the closet and then go back to see if the smell remains. If your closets still smell bad, it looks like the bad odor is originating from somewhere in the closet.

Is the bad smell on or under the closet carpet or coming from the closet walls? This may be a little hard to determine but if it comes from the floor or the rug, you will have to replace the closet carpet. If it is coming from the walls itself, you will have to determine what the problem is and you might have to hire a professional for that. Another source of the smell could be the light in the closet if you have one. Is there a dead bug trapped in the light?


A nice clean organized closet is the dream of most women. Men on the other hand really don't care about closets. Even though this is true, many people still look for his and her closet ideas. Very rarely will you ever see a his and her closet that looks as perfect as the one pictured below.
Probably the most common reason for having a his and her closet is lack of space. If a perfect world, the woman would have her closet and the man would have his seperate colset. That way, the man or the woman could let their closet get as messy as they want and never bother the other person.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a home that has the space for two closets. Most new homes are now being built with a large walkin closet in the master bedroom and that his and her closet is the only one you get. It is a necessity then, to try to have the best his and her closet organization as possible. As long as you can come up with his and her closet ideas that will satisfy both parties, there will be no hard feelings or animosity.


All new homes now come with walk in closets. The bigger the closet the bigger the "Wow" factor. All women seem to love a big walk in closet while men don't seem to care that much. If your home does not have a walk in closet, it might be time to start thinking of getting one.

Walk-in closets are great because they give you so many more closet storage options. If you have a problem with your junk piling up in your room, you can have it pile up in your closet instead which is better for appearances sake.

Depending on the size of your walk in closet, you can have many things in there in addition to all your clothes and shoes. Some walk in closet ideas have full length mirrors in them and even a small bench or island to make them feel like dressing rooms. A variety of lighting is available at most colset stores or home improvement outlets that can help you give your new closet that dressing room feel.

More walk in closet ideas include tie and belt racks, shelves, shoe racks, hooks, and drawers and dressers. Of course something like that would only work in the biggest closets.

All the expensive houses now come with walk-in closet designs that are creative and big. Some of these closets are as big as a room used to be. If you choose to put a walk in closet in your old home, it may be a bit expensive because you will probably have to tear down a wall or too. There will be a monitary benefit when you sell your house, however, as your new walk-in closet should increase the value of your home.


Here are some closet design ideas that you might want to think about with your closets:

1) Closet lighting - you have to be able to see what is inside your closet but you don't want the sun shining directly on it either as it will fade things if left open. You can buy cheap lights that stick on anything now and you might put one of them in your closets if they are too dark.

2) The hallmark of a great closet is one that effectively uses all space. You can have bins for storing smaller items or things that you only wear at certain times. Shelves in closets are something that most people don't think of and can be part of a good closet design.

3) Part of effectively using all the space is to do it in a manner that is practicle. You want to make sure that everything in the colset is accessable and visible so that you know it is there. Using all the space does not mean just cramming things in.

4) Use the floor of your closets for bins and shoes and storing all smaller items. Also, the floor has to be orderly so that you can walk in the closet or at least walk in enough to be able to get things.

5) On of the important closet ideas is to make sure that there is airflow and that your closet does not get mold or mildew. If you have an airflow problem, you can wrap up some chalk and put it in your closet to help keep things dry and prevent closet mildew from forming.

6) Use a wood for your closets that do not have a pungent smell. If you use the wrong wood (cedar can be smelly), your closet may make the room it is in smell bad and your clothes may take on some of the odor as well. These closet design ideas are tips you should think about when building or organizing your closets.


Here are some great closet storage ideas to give you more room:

Gather all your small items and put them in a plastic bin or stackable basket. That way all the small items are together and in one place.

Use your garage as a storage space to get the things you seldome use out of the house. You can put those things in boxes or you can even build closet storage spaces for the garage. You might also add shelves to your garage walls which could be used to store things. There are lots of other storage solutions for your garage as well if you just look around.

Clean out your colsets at least once every year and determine what you don't need. You can then have a garage sale, give the items to charity, or even sell them on Ebay. You will be suprised at how much space is opened up when you get all the unwanted items out of your closets.

Determine which sweaters, dresses, or shirts you have hanging in your closet can be folded and put in a drawer. Not everything has to be hung in the closet and the more items you can fold and put elswear the more room you will free up in your closets.

When all else fails, painting your closets white gives the appearance of more space. It may not actually provide more space but any illusion to that effect will help. I hope these closet storage ideas helped.

How To Build Your Own Custom Closet

If one of your closet ideas is to build your own custom closet, this book is a must read. Build Your Own Custom Closetby Black and Decker is the first book that shows the common person the inside tips on designing a custom closet, and how to install it using materials they can buy themselves.

Today, most of the materials and hardware used by custom colset makers is available to consumers on the racks of home centers and hardware stores. This book will show you how to build your own dream closets and save on expensive contractor costs. You can get the best price for this book right through this link - Build Your Own Custom Closet.

Spring Cleaning Closet Ideas

Let's take a journey through my closet. Ugg! It can best be thought of by imagining an image of havoc, mayhem, and disarray. Today my family is going through the closets, cleaning out clothes that don't fit, handing them down, or donating them to Goodwill. Even if you don’t change with the seasons like we do, you may be in a situation where you haven’t cleaned your closets for a while and they’re starting to get a bit cluttered. Its a good time to start thinking about different closet ideas.

When it comes to cleaning out your colset, what can be done to make the process slightly more bearable and how can you ensure that your closet cleaning experience is a positive one? The reason I enjoy cleaning out closets so much is because it is such a positive thing to do. Once you have done a major closet cleaning, it is easy to keep your closet up to date and current.

Before you put your favorite spring things back into the closet, take the opportunity to replace your shelf paper, vacuum the closet floor, and make the closet fresh and clean. Then go through your clothes, pick out the stuff you are never going to wear again and put them aside.

After you have set aside all the clothes you don't need anymore, you can then choose what to do with them. If you are like myself, hanging on to clothes, until you drop those 20 extra pounds doesn't seem to work. Taking them to the Goodwill or a homless shelter is always a good idea.

If there is something that you absolutely can't live without, a better spot for them would be the attic, or in some long tupperware containers using the area under the bed or couch for storage. Now that your closets are clean again, its time to start trying to keep them clean. If you are anything like I am, that will last about a week.

Closet Ideas - Closet Organization Systems

By installing an appropriate closet organization system you won't solve all your problems but you can make your mornings easier. Closet ideas can range from inexpensive coated wires to custom built wood systems. Many wood systems combine several different products which are usually coated wire and melamine because of the ease of maintenance. The best approach to closet organization starts by removing all the items first to be able to assess which items are worth keeping and which items are no longer usable. Items that need to be sent to charities and donation groups need to be identified and placed in their own pile.

No matter what shape or size your closet is, there are always some useful tricks and ideas to spruce up the storage space. A good place to start to get closet organization ideas are books and magazines. Colset ideas are not simply about design but that is generally where it starts. Now is the time to stop putting things in boxes in the closet and use some of these creative closet ideas that will help you keep the junk under control.

No matter how much closet space you have, chances are you could probably always use some more. How many closets are in your home that are simply storage areas for things that just don't have their own space? There are plenty of closet organization systems that will help you to make that space the most functional it can be. The main thing in space planning is to stayuncluttered, so if you don’t need it, toss it or find a new place for it.

You can save lots of money by installing a closet organizer yourself. Make certain you take into account the cost of these types of organizers as the temporary ones can often be found for pretty good prices. The more permanent organizers can end up costing quite a bit, so make sure you are prepared to make that type of investment. Most stores that sell products for the home offer a large selection of closet solutions, including closet organizers, shelving, racks and creative hangers.

Closet ideas are not simply about design but that is generally where it starts. Whether you are looking at your local closet company, pictures of closets, do-it-yourself magazines, or just trying to get some tips on how to organize your closet, the more research you do will open up many options.

Closet Ideas - Great Closet Tips

Here are some great closet ideas that you may not have thought about:

1) Do you have lots of clothes that have never been worn? If so, you can try to return them to the store where you bought them and they will usually give you store credit. If you don't want the credit, you can turn around and sell that credit on Ebay. That's right...there is a high demand on Ebay for store credit receipts and they usually fetch upwards of 80% of face value.

2) Many people have great success as well on Ebay selling their used clothes. Children's clothes sell well as do sweaters, shirts, and blouses. If you don't want to hassle with having a garage sale, Ebay can be a great place to sell some of your nicer items and get some nice cash for them too.

3) Neat hangar trick - At the beginning of the year put all your hangars in backwards on the rod in your closets. When you wear an item, switch the hangar around. At the end of the year or season, you will easily be able to tell which clothes you haven't worn and may want to get rid of!

4) Need more space to store things? Did you know that you can put the clothes you won't need for awhile in large sturdy plastic bags and suck the air out of them? This also works wonders when packing for travelling and is one of the neat suitcase packing tips. Give this a try and you will be amazed. Put all the clothes you don't need in a plastic bag and use your vacuum cleaner to suck all the air out. It will shrink the size of your clothes significantly freeing up lots of room.

5) If you want to plan a new closet design, figure out first what you plan to put in the closet. Only by knowing what types of clothes you want to put in the closet will you know what types of shelves, poles, and drawers you will nee. There are many closet ideas out there and you need to be organized and create an inventory list first.

Closet Ideas - The 80/20 Rule

When you are starting to plan your closet and trying to come up with some great closet ideas, remember this rule of thumb. Most people never wear about 80% of the clothes they have and just stick to their favorite 20%.

Before you get going with your closet organizing, take out at least half of the things in your closet that you don't think you will wear. At least take out all your least favorite items and put them in a box and then put the box away some where. Wait a month and see if you have missed any of those clothes items that you put away.

Whatever you didn't miss, take to a homeless shelter or someplace like the Goodwill. This will force you to get rid of all your least favorite clothes and the clothes you never wear while doing something good for someone else. Once you have done a little bit of this and your closet starts to look a little less like a junk heap, you can go forth with all your great closet ideas that will make your closet doors a pleasure to open!

Closet Ideas - Planning For The Great Closet

For all great closet ideas, it is smart to put in time planning before you jump in. Some people just go out and start buying all sorts of closet accessories hoping they will work out. In the end, many of these have to be returned because they haven't planned properly.

A good place to start to get closet organization ideas are books and magazines. Many home magazines have pictures of closets that you can use to get ideas of what type of closets you would like to have. The Internet is now a great resourse as well for closet pictures. The important thing is to start planning and thinking about what you want first. It will save you a lot of time.

Any of your closet design ideas you choose should fit your lifestyle and your belongings. It is best to take inventory and figure out what you have and what you want in your closets. Do you want closets that will hold all your clothes or separate closets for different types of items? Figure out right from the beginning what the purpose is of each closet design.

Great closet ideas come from planning and the effort you put in ahead of time. Whether you choose to do your closet remodel yourself or whether you have a professional do it, you will have to come up with the ideas on your own and decide which ones are best for you.

Closet Ideas - No Mildew Tip

If your closet is in a damp part of the house, no matter how nice your closet is it might suffer from damp closets. You can have the best closet ideas and if you have this problem then you are in trouble of having your clothes ruined.

To help with closet dampness, all you need to do is to get some pieces of blackboard chalk and put them in a paper bag. Put the bag in the corner of the closet somewhere and the chalk will absorb much of the moist air. The more of a problem you have with dampness, the more chalk you should put in. You can have a small bag in every corner of the closet if you wish.

This is an easy way to eliminate damp closets and a simple closet idea that will make your clothes last longer.

Closet Ideas - Organization

With Spring cleaning comes the need for closet organizing ideas. Before you begin to organize a closet, you need to sort through everything first. Make piles of what you want to keep, throw away, and give away. There are usually at least a few things for each pile. If you have shirts or dresses you have never worn or have not worn in a couple of years, those items should go in the give away pile. If you are really going to clean up and reorganize your closet, you are going to have to make some tough decisions and purging is a good thing.

You will want to group things together that are similar. All you pants and slacks in one area, your shirts in another, etc. If you have sweaters or items that can be folded you might want to put those in drawers.

Hanging closet organizers can be bought inexpensively at home stores and are useful if you are renting or move around a lot. If you own your home, you might consider installing built in organizers. Rods that have multi levels can be used to take advantage of additional space and bins can be used for shoes.

Many people want to learn new closet ideas because it helps them find things in a hurry and have a feeling of being organized. Without a strategy, closets tend to become cluttered with anything and everything and the closet floor becomes a very popular storage space.

Closet Ideas

There are lots of great closet ideas to make you happy with your closet space. We will show you the many options you have to make your closets more functional.

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