You have all seen the ads for expensive closet organizers and closet systems such as California Closets or Easy Closets. It is great if you have the money to install these in your closets but most people don't and are looking for more economical and creative closet space ideas.

Closet organization does not mean that you have to spend a lot of money installing new closet organizers. You can do most of what you want in an economical fashion with some creativity. It may not in the end look as professional as the other way, but your pocket book will thank you.

Baskets and bins are what most people use to store and organize the smaller things in your closets. You can get these bins inexpensively and you can find ones that stack on top of each other for maximum use of space. You can get the standard plastic bins or you can find fancier baskets with flair if you like.

One way to have more closet space is to take out some of your sweaters and shirts and put them in a chest of drawers. Not everything needs to be hung to look nice and if you fold things like this nicely, you will end up creating a lot of extra closet space that you never knew you had. Another option is to actually put a chest of drawers or dresser in your closet.

Adding shelves to your closet design is a great way to get more space. Most closets come with only one shelf above the rod for hanging things. You can add more shelves on the sides if you have room or under the rod if you don't have much to hang. Adding shelves into your closet is one of those creative closet ideas that is obvious but not many people think to do it. You can get inexpensive shelves at any home improvement store that are easy to install in any closet. Closet shelving is one of the best ways to add space to your closets.

Another closet space saving ideas is to take a picture of one of the expensive systems and try to do it or make it yourself. If you are a handyman type person who likes to build things, there is no reason why you can't copy the design of one of those fancy systems and build it yourself. This might be too hard for everyone to do but some will be able to do a good job.

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