Are you thinking about the lighting in your closet? If you have a big walk-in closet then you definitely need good lighting. And if you have one of those really big walk in closets with maybe an island or a chest of drawers or something similar, you need to find some neat closet lighting ideas.

Track lighting is always cool looking and you might be able to put it in your large walk in colset. You can find some good deals on track lighting at Ikea and other places and if you set it up properly, your closet will be stunning.

Florescent lights are most often used in closets because they are cool (not hot). Electrical codes have distance requirements for all light sources (except LEDs that also run very cool). Closets usually have a lot of things in them with low ventilation that could easily catch on fire from an incandescent or halogen bulb. Luckily, we are talking about a large walk in closet so you will be able to use something other than florescent lights or the usual ugly light that all closets seem to come with. Just make sure you don't have any of your clothes near the lighting.

If your walk in closet is on a side of the house, you could break through the wall and put a window in it. A walk in closet with a window is definitely a step up from most closets and that would provide some nice natural lighting during the day.

Whatever you decide to do with your walk in closet lighting, make sure you are creative to give your closet that out of the ordinary touch.


Do you have smelly closets that stink? Maybe they smell like foot odor from your shoes or even something worse. Do you clean out your closets in the spring and winter? Maybe you have a lot of clothes piled on the closet floor and somewhere in that pile is something that smells bad. Perhaps you have piles of dirty clothes on the floor of your closets?

Maybe you have some old clothes in there that have mildew or some other mold like substance that is growing on them. Is there a dead bug or bugs somewhere in your closet. Maybe you have termites or something else alive in your closet!

Your first step with closets that smell should be to clear everything out and evaluate the situation. You might have the best closet design ideas in the world or the best colset ideas for a great closet but if your closets smell, everything is lost. Once you clear out your closet, you need to figure out whether the odor is coming from something that was in your closet or the closet itself.

You need to separate your clothes and wash them if you are unsure where the closet smell is coming from. Depending on how bad the closet odor is, you might even have to wait a day after everything is out of the closet and then go back to see if the smell remains. If your closets still smell bad, it looks like the bad odor is originating from somewhere in the closet.

Is the bad smell on or under the closet carpet or coming from the closet walls? This may be a little hard to determine but if it comes from the floor or the rug, you will have to replace the closet carpet. If it is coming from the walls itself, you will have to determine what the problem is and you might have to hire a professional for that. Another source of the smell could be the light in the closet if you have one. Is there a dead bug trapped in the light?


A nice clean organized closet is the dream of most women. Men on the other hand really don't care about closets. Even though this is true, many people still look for his and her closet ideas. Very rarely will you ever see a his and her closet that looks as perfect as the one pictured below.
Probably the most common reason for having a his and her closet is lack of space. If a perfect world, the woman would have her closet and the man would have his seperate colset. That way, the man or the woman could let their closet get as messy as they want and never bother the other person.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a home that has the space for two closets. Most new homes are now being built with a large walkin closet in the master bedroom and that his and her closet is the only one you get. It is a necessity then, to try to have the best his and her closet organization as possible. As long as you can come up with his and her closet ideas that will satisfy both parties, there will be no hard feelings or animosity.


All new homes now come with walk in closets. The bigger the closet the bigger the "Wow" factor. All women seem to love a big walk in closet while men don't seem to care that much. If your home does not have a walk in closet, it might be time to start thinking of getting one.

Walk-in closets are great because they give you so many more closet storage options. If you have a problem with your junk piling up in your room, you can have it pile up in your closet instead which is better for appearances sake.

Depending on the size of your walk in closet, you can have many things in there in addition to all your clothes and shoes. Some walk in closet ideas have full length mirrors in them and even a small bench or island to make them feel like dressing rooms. A variety of lighting is available at most colset stores or home improvement outlets that can help you give your new closet that dressing room feel.

More walk in closet ideas include tie and belt racks, shelves, shoe racks, hooks, and drawers and dressers. Of course something like that would only work in the biggest closets.

All the expensive houses now come with walk-in closet designs that are creative and big. Some of these closets are as big as a room used to be. If you choose to put a walk in closet in your old home, it may be a bit expensive because you will probably have to tear down a wall or too. There will be a monitary benefit when you sell your house, however, as your new walk-in closet should increase the value of your home.