A nice clean organized closet is the dream of most women. Men on the other hand really don't care about closets. Even though this is true, many people still look for his and her closet ideas. Very rarely will you ever see a his and her closet that looks as perfect as the one pictured below.
Probably the most common reason for having a his and her closet is lack of space. If a perfect world, the woman would have her closet and the man would have his seperate colset. That way, the man or the woman could let their closet get as messy as they want and never bother the other person.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a home that has the space for two closets. Most new homes are now being built with a large walkin closet in the master bedroom and that his and her closet is the only one you get. It is a necessity then, to try to have the best his and her closet organization as possible. As long as you can come up with his and her closet ideas that will satisfy both parties, there will be no hard feelings or animosity.

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