One of the best places to get closet design ideas is at a home show. Most home shows take place in the bigger cities around the country and they have all sorts of booths, displays, and information about every aspect of a home, including closets.

An easy way to find if and when there is a home show in your city just go to Google search and type in "home show 2011 (your city)". You will usually see the home show in your area in one of the first 5 websites listed in the results. Again, the bigger your city, the greater chance that it will have a home show of some kind. You can also take a look at this website for a list of some of the major shows in 2011.

Most shows take place in January or February 2011 so it's time to find the show in your city now. A few of the home shows are in March 2011.

Closets are a big part of every home and there is a lot of interest in upgrading them and getting the most storage out of the space. There are always at least a handful of closet design booths at these home shows put on by national and local companies in your area. You can get great ideas as well as see what the latest trends are in closet design. You don't have to buy their services to get some design ideas that you can use for yourself or you can see what they charge to do it for you.


Almost everyone needs a place to keep their shoes and most people do it in their closets. Women are famous throughout time for filling up their closets with shoes of all colors and varieties.

There are lots of closet shoe organizer ideas in all price ranges. If you really want to spend some money and you have a big walk in closet, you can get one of the California Closets type of organization systems that is meant for your whole wardrobe including your shoes.

But most people don't want to spend that kind of money and want something less expensive. A great place to get closet ideas is and you will get great prices as well. Depending what you spend you will also qualify for free shipping.

A big list of shoe organizers with pictures - Closet Shoe Organizer Ideas


One of the best closet ideas to keep things fresh is to use cedar. Insects and moths don't like cedar and yet they smell is very pleasant to humans. This make it a great wood to have in and around your closets.

Cedar also does a good job of absorbing moisture and odors. When you have cedar in your closet, it will eliminate that musty closet smell and replace it with the natural clean fragrance of cedar wood. It's the perfect choice for all your closets.

There are several ways to incorporate cedar including totally building and designing your closets out of it, just using cedar in some of the parts of your closet, or using cedar hangars. Most people don't have the money to rebuild their whole closet out of cedar wood and so the obvious choice is to use cedar hangars.

Cedar hangers are light and strong which allows them to keep their form for many years. When the cedar smell diminishes, all you have to do is to lightly sandpaper them to expose new wood and the fresh cedar smell will come right back again. If you don't want to replace all your old hangers with new ones, you can buy inexpensive cedar rings to put on your hangars that will do the same job.

To get a great selection of cedar products for any closet please go to Amazon where you can also find good prices - Cedar Hangers


My husband and I have been looking at new houses lately now that the prices have come down. One thing I noticed is that a fair number of new houses are being built with bigger closets than in years past. In fact, sometimes they are too big!

The popularity of custom closets has spawned many different companies you can hire to come to your house and install them. If you go to home shows you will always see exhibits from different local and national closet companies. The industry has really become mainstream in the last 10 to 15 years and closet design ideas are hot.

This has obviously prompted some home builders to design their homes with bigger closets. But what I have seen in the open houses I have gone to is that often times the master closets and bedroom closets are what I think to be too big. A nice sized closet is great but a really big one is just a waste of space for me. I would rather have that space put into making the rooms bigger.

New homes today are often built with lots of tiny rooms. I would rather have less rooms in a house and have each room be bigger. Likewise, I don't need huge walk in closets that are big enough to put a sofa....please use that space to make the rooms bigger. Huge closets are convenient but ultimately you don't get to live and evnjoy that space so medium sized closets are what I am looking for.


It is the middle of winter and probably cold and wet outside where you live. If you are residing in a house that is older and not airtight, you might have a problem with closet dampness. Anyone who can't afford to keep the heat on all the time might also be living in a house where some of the rooms are colder and you might have a mildew problem

Basements usually are the main source of frustration with dampness but closets can be a problem as well. If you have closets that are damp, they might also smell bad and that is a very unpleasant situation. Smelly closets that are wet are not a good place to keep clothes and you need to do something that will eliminate the odor and wetness.

Chalk works well for this and you should put chalk in a paper bag and put it in a corner of the closet. The damper your closet is, the more chalk you should use and it is best if it is kept there year round. Just plain old white chalkboard chalk is all that is needed and it should be changed every six months or so. It is kind of like putting baking soda in your refrigerator to eliminate the smells.

If your closet really has a problem and is very wet and full of mildew, this is one of those closet ideas that might not work. You need to attack the problem before it gets too bad. Likewise, if you have a big walk in closet, you might need to put chalk in every corner. This closet tip for dampness definitely works best with small closets.