One of the best places to get closet design ideas is at a home show. Most home shows take place in the bigger cities around the country and they have all sorts of booths, displays, and information about every aspect of a home, including closets.

An easy way to find if and when there is a home show in your city just go to Google search and type in "home show 2011 (your city)". You will usually see the home show in your area in one of the first 5 websites listed in the results. Again, the bigger your city, the greater chance that it will have a home show of some kind. You can also take a look at this website for a list of some of the major shows in 2011.

Most shows take place in January or February 2011 so it's time to find the show in your city now. A few of the home shows are in March 2011.

Closets are a big part of every home and there is a lot of interest in upgrading them and getting the most storage out of the space. There are always at least a handful of closet design booths at these home shows put on by national and local companies in your area. You can get great ideas as well as see what the latest trends are in closet design. You don't have to buy their services to get some design ideas that you can use for yourself or you can see what they charge to do it for you.

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