My husband and I have been looking at new houses lately now that the prices have come down. One thing I noticed is that a fair number of new houses are being built with bigger closets than in years past. In fact, sometimes they are too big!

The popularity of custom closets has spawned many different companies you can hire to come to your house and install them. If you go to home shows you will always see exhibits from different local and national closet companies. The industry has really become mainstream in the last 10 to 15 years and closet design ideas are hot.

This has obviously prompted some home builders to design their homes with bigger closets. But what I have seen in the open houses I have gone to is that often times the master closets and bedroom closets are what I think to be too big. A nice sized closet is great but a really big one is just a waste of space for me. I would rather have that space put into making the rooms bigger.

New homes today are often built with lots of tiny rooms. I would rather have less rooms in a house and have each room be bigger. Likewise, I don't need huge walk in closets that are big enough to put a sofa....please use that space to make the rooms bigger. Huge closets are convenient but ultimately you don't get to live and evnjoy that space so medium sized closets are what I am looking for.

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