One of the best closet ideas to keep things fresh is to use cedar. Insects and moths don't like cedar and yet they smell is very pleasant to humans. This make it a great wood to have in and around your closets.

Cedar also does a good job of absorbing moisture and odors. When you have cedar in your closet, it will eliminate that musty closet smell and replace it with the natural clean fragrance of cedar wood. It's the perfect choice for all your closets.

There are several ways to incorporate cedar including totally building and designing your closets out of it, just using cedar in some of the parts of your closet, or using cedar hangars. Most people don't have the money to rebuild their whole closet out of cedar wood and so the obvious choice is to use cedar hangars.

Cedar hangers are light and strong which allows them to keep their form for many years. When the cedar smell diminishes, all you have to do is to lightly sandpaper them to expose new wood and the fresh cedar smell will come right back again. If you don't want to replace all your old hangers with new ones, you can buy inexpensive cedar rings to put on your hangars that will do the same job.

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