All new homes now come with walk in closets. The bigger the closet the bigger the "Wow" factor. All women seem to love a big walk in closet while men don't seem to care that much. If your home does not have a walk in closet, it might be time to start thinking of getting one.

Walk-in closets are great because they give you so many more closet storage options. If you have a problem with your junk piling up in your room, you can have it pile up in your closet instead which is better for appearances sake.

Depending on the size of your walk in closet, you can have many things in there in addition to all your clothes and shoes. Some walk in closet ideas have full length mirrors in them and even a small bench or island to make them feel like dressing rooms. A variety of lighting is available at most colset stores or home improvement outlets that can help you give your new closet that dressing room feel.

More walk in closet ideas include tie and belt racks, shelves, shoe racks, hooks, and drawers and dressers. Of course something like that would only work in the biggest closets.

All the expensive houses now come with walk-in closet designs that are creative and big. Some of these closets are as big as a room used to be. If you choose to put a walk in closet in your old home, it may be a bit expensive because you will probably have to tear down a wall or too. There will be a monitary benefit when you sell your house, however, as your new walk-in closet should increase the value of your home.

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