Here are some great closet storage ideas to give you more room:

Gather all your small items and put them in a plastic bin or stackable basket. That way all the small items are together and in one place.

Use your garage as a storage space to get the things you seldome use out of the house. You can put those things in boxes or you can even build closet storage spaces for the garage. You might also add shelves to your garage walls which could be used to store things. There are lots of other storage solutions for your garage as well if you just look around.

Clean out your colsets at least once every year and determine what you don't need. You can then have a garage sale, give the items to charity, or even sell them on Ebay. You will be suprised at how much space is opened up when you get all the unwanted items out of your closets.

Determine which sweaters, dresses, or shirts you have hanging in your closet can be folded and put in a drawer. Not everything has to be hung in the closet and the more items you can fold and put elswear the more room you will free up in your closets.

When all else fails, painting your closets white gives the appearance of more space. It may not actually provide more space but any illusion to that effect will help. I hope these closet storage ideas helped.

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