Closet Ideas - Great Closet Tips

Here are some great closet ideas that you may not have thought about:

1) Do you have lots of clothes that have never been worn? If so, you can try to return them to the store where you bought them and they will usually give you store credit. If you don't want the credit, you can turn around and sell that credit on Ebay. That's right...there is a high demand on Ebay for store credit receipts and they usually fetch upwards of 80% of face value.

2) Many people have great success as well on Ebay selling their used clothes. Children's clothes sell well as do sweaters, shirts, and blouses. If you don't want to hassle with having a garage sale, Ebay can be a great place to sell some of your nicer items and get some nice cash for them too.

3) Neat hangar trick - At the beginning of the year put all your hangars in backwards on the rod in your closets. When you wear an item, switch the hangar around. At the end of the year or season, you will easily be able to tell which clothes you haven't worn and may want to get rid of!

4) Need more space to store things? Did you know that you can put the clothes you won't need for awhile in large sturdy plastic bags and suck the air out of them? This also works wonders when packing for travelling and is one of the neat suitcase packing tips. Give this a try and you will be amazed. Put all the clothes you don't need in a plastic bag and use your vacuum cleaner to suck all the air out. It will shrink the size of your clothes significantly freeing up lots of room.

5) If you want to plan a new closet design, figure out first what you plan to put in the closet. Only by knowing what types of clothes you want to put in the closet will you know what types of shelves, poles, and drawers you will nee. There are many closet ideas out there and you need to be organized and create an inventory list first.

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TSS said...

I like the hanger tip. I'm curious to see how many clothes I actually wear.