Closet Ideas - The 80/20 Rule

When you are starting to plan your closet and trying to come up with some great closet ideas, remember this rule of thumb. Most people never wear about 80% of the clothes they have and just stick to their favorite 20%.

Before you get going with your closet organizing, take out at least half of the things in your closet that you don't think you will wear. At least take out all your least favorite items and put them in a box and then put the box away some where. Wait a month and see if you have missed any of those clothes items that you put away.

Whatever you didn't miss, take to a homeless shelter or someplace like the Goodwill. This will force you to get rid of all your least favorite clothes and the clothes you never wear while doing something good for someone else. Once you have done a little bit of this and your closet starts to look a little less like a junk heap, you can go forth with all your great closet ideas that will make your closet doors a pleasure to open!

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