Spring Cleaning Closet Ideas

Let's take a journey through my closet. Ugg! It can best be thought of by imagining an image of havoc, mayhem, and disarray. Today my family is going through the closets, cleaning out clothes that don't fit, handing them down, or donating them to Goodwill. Even if you don’t change with the seasons like we do, you may be in a situation where you haven’t cleaned your closets for a while and they’re starting to get a bit cluttered. Its a good time to start thinking about different closet ideas.

When it comes to cleaning out your colset, what can be done to make the process slightly more bearable and how can you ensure that your closet cleaning experience is a positive one? The reason I enjoy cleaning out closets so much is because it is such a positive thing to do. Once you have done a major closet cleaning, it is easy to keep your closet up to date and current.

Before you put your favorite spring things back into the closet, take the opportunity to replace your shelf paper, vacuum the closet floor, and make the closet fresh and clean. Then go through your clothes, pick out the stuff you are never going to wear again and put them aside.

After you have set aside all the clothes you don't need anymore, you can then choose what to do with them. If you are like myself, hanging on to clothes, until you drop those 20 extra pounds doesn't seem to work. Taking them to the Goodwill or a homless shelter is always a good idea.

If there is something that you absolutely can't live without, a better spot for them would be the attic, or in some long tupperware containers using the area under the bed or couch for storage. Now that your closets are clean again, its time to start trying to keep them clean. If you are anything like I am, that will last about a week.

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