When it comes to closets in smaller areas, sometimes you need a door that doesn't take up space when it opens out. For this type of situation you would want to take a look at all the sliding closet doors you can find to see if any of them do the job.

You might also want this type of closet door if there is some furniture in the way or you don't like the fact that when the door swings open it covers part of the wall or a picture. This is one of the popular closet design ideas because of the space it saves.

It turns out that sliding closet doors are not that easy to find anymore even though there are two kinds. The first is the more rare version where the door disappears into the wall (this can also be called a pocket sliding door). This type of door is much harder to install and usually should be done by a professional. Your task will be to make sure that the area where the door will slide into doesn't have any cables or electrical wiring that will get in the way.

The more common sliding door is the kind where one door slides behind the other. The tracks need to be laid out perfectly and these kind of doors come in standard sizes so your closets need to be constructed that way if you are going to buy the doors in a store. You can have them custom made if you like and if you can find a store that will do that for you. You will need to have tracks at the top and bottom of the sliding closet doors and they need to be aligned perfectly or the doors won't glide smoothly. This is the hardest part of sliding doors: getting the rails and tracks aligned so that everything works in perfect unison.

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