Is your linen closet a mess of scraggly looking washcloths, worn towels, and sheets that have been used since the 80's? If so, you need to go out and get new sets of everything and then fix up your linen closet so that everything looks new, neat, and clean. Here are some linen closet ideas you might think about doing after you come home with your new stash of linens:

1) You should organize your linens by what they are for and also for what rooms they are for. For instance, all the master bedroom linens might be in one place and all the guest room linens in another.

2) You should have a separate set of linens for your guests so that you are using your own linens and never have to use something someone else has used.

3) Put the linens that you use least often on the highest shelf. These might include linens that you use for different seasons and even antique linens. Since you rarely use these, they should be wrapped in cellophane to protect them from dust and fading.

4) Don't stack towels and sheets too high. Make everything in your linen closet neat and easily accessible.

5) Use baskets at the bottom on the floor to store miscellaneous items such as bathroom essentials and anything else you might need for restocking guest rooms and bathrooms. You don't need any special closet design ideas for your linen closet other than keep things simple, organized, and ready to use in a closet that is upstairs and close to the bedrooms.

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