If you don't have a coat tree, your guest coat closet near the entry door is a closet that any guest may open. It is, therefore, a good ideas to put some thought and organization into it so that you are not scrambling to come up with reasons why it is an absolute mess when they open it!

That small coat closet can be whatever you want it to be but it is mainly there for your guest's belongings so keep in mind of that. It is not a good idea to use it for storing things and you don't want it piled too high with your junk. Go get a dozen or so nice quality hangars that will be strong enough to support a heavy coat and scarf. If you have a small closet with not much room for hangers you might try Huggable Hangers.

Entry way coat closet ideas must include a place for your guest's handbags. This is why you don't want it to be full of junk when it is opened. It is very nice to be able to use the coat closet for handbags so that your female guest will remember where they left them rather than in some random place. If you put small hooks in your coat colset for the handbags it will be especially nice.

Many coat closets have a light in them so that you can better see and identify the right coat. Newer homes may be built with this feature but older homes usually don't have lights in the closets. If you need an easy to install light for your coat closet make a quick trip down to your local home improvement store and they will undoutedly have a selection.

Coat closets, depending on how big they are, may have enough room for a shelf or two. Shelves may be included and used for hats, gloves, scarves, and big purses or bags. The shelves must not get in the way of anything hanging though so you really need a big coat closet to have room for shelves.

Coat closet rooms, coat closet dens, coat closet offices are some of the crazy things people do when they have a really bit coat closet with way too much space. Making your coat closet into a office can be done and it will surely seperate your house from the others on the block!

What NOT to do with your coat closet!

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