Most kid's closets are probably underused as they use the floor, bed, bathroom, or anywhere else their clothes land as a storage space. If you were to think of some really cool kids closet ideas, do you think they would use it more? Probably but nothing is guaranteed!

Building or installing a cool closet for your kids is just part of making their room a fun place to hang out. If you are the creative type, you could turn you child's closet into a themed closet. For instance, if your kid likes a certain sports team or is a fan of some movie star, build a colset around that theme. Many kids have rooms that are covered with pictures of baseball, football, basketball, and hockey players and a theme closet around those teams or players will keep your child interested in at least opening up the closet. Maybe with the right closet theme your child will even use it!

Closet storage for kids needs to be simple and items need to be within reach. This means more storage space and hangar space lower to the floor than in an adult closet. If you want your child to use the closet, you need to make sure it is kid friendly. Additionally, think about the things your children might want to store in their closets. Besides the obvious things, will they be wanting a space for books, toys, sports equipment, and other such things? If so, you need to build a closet that is multifunctional and has storage room for a variety of things. The more versatile your kid's closet is, the more likely he or she is to use it.

Kids closet color ideas are crucial to any cool closet. Kids love bright colors and a boring drab closet is not going to get used like one with bright cheerful colors. If you don't have a closet with a theme make sure it is at least full of color and the colors they like. Picking the right closet colors for kids is one of the most important decisions you have to make.

Not everyone has the money to make a custom kids closet but you don't have to spend a lot to make it cool. Anyone with a touch of creativity and some basic woodworking ability can easily create a cool colorful closet that any kid would like to have.


lena said...

hu julia -- do you happen to know what system is shown in the picture?


Stock said...

I'm afraid I don't know what system that is. Sorry!