New parents can have problems with where to put a newborn. Of course they want their child to have their own room but is that really necessary for the first 6 months or so?

Newborn babies need attention all night and that means little sleep for the parents especially if they have to walk back and forth to the baby's room all night every time they cry or need changing.

The solution?

How about turning your big master closet into a temporary babies room. This is definitely one of those creative closet ideas for anyone that needs to be near their young child all night but would still like to sleep in their own bed.

The picture below is our master closet to the new house we just moved into. You can see there is plenty of room for the crib and any baby accessories that might be needed to be stored. We haven't had time to paint the walls a baby color and we probably won't as this is just a temporary place for the crib until our child get a wee bit older and we move him into his own room.

For now, having quick and easy access to him all night long has made our lives a bit easier than it would have had we needed to walk down a hall every hour. We also haven't had to use one of those baby monitors yet because we can hear with our own ears every time he needs attention.

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