June is here and that means summer vacation for children everywhere! It is this time of year that Moms are always looking for things to keep kids busy. Now is a great time to teach them about keeping their closets clean and organized.

Kids closets are often a disaster with clothes and toys everywhere. It is not until you dig in that you will find just how many things they have that have never been used or that they don't need anymore. The best thing to do is take everything out and start from scratch, determining what your child wants to keep, throw away, or donate.

If you clean your child's closet together with them you can use it as an opportunity to teach them to be generous with their possessions. They can either give the things they don't want to their siblings or give them away to charity. You might also give them the option of selling their unwanted clothes and toys at a garage sale so that they can earn a little money and start saving.

I've included a video below that has more kids closet ideas:

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